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In the Spotlight:
Published by Melanie GIllman [mgillman] on 2009/2/16 (20951 reads)
Sigmund Freud's Handy Handbook
New contributor Melanie Gillman takes on Sigmund Freud in this multi-page comic.

Published by Andy_DV on 2008/4/14 (6304 reads)
Animation:  Light Headed
Andy DeVries brings us a marvelous new animation that skillfully blends various mediums with thought-provoking results.

Published by Jason M. Heim [jase] on 2008/2/6 (5397 reads)
Poem:  Lost Voice

Another piece from Tom Swindell's channel, a poem by Lawrence Hoo entitled "Lost Voice" that comes to life on screen with jarring imagery.

Published by Jason M. Heim [jase] on 2007/11/29 (5826 reads)
Poem:  You See More On Foot

Reposted by permission, another short poem found while browsing through YouTube for poetry set to animation. Quite enjoyable.

Published by Jason M. Heim [jase] on 2007/9/15 (11481 reads)
Poem: A Little Atomic Bomb

This animation of Charles Bukowski's poem, "A Little Atomic Bomb" is simply brilliant. Many thanks to the filmmaker for sharing this.

Published by Jason M. Heim [jase] on 2006/3/22 (16845 reads)
Poem:  Staring Contest

Try not to blink!

The words of this poem become the "actors" that tell the story for this animation.



“They say Jimmy made it out. But the postcards we get, well, they don’t seem…real.”

When an experiment with population control works too well, and the planet is decimated, seven broken people are united by a supernatural bond in a modern day Eden.

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